Wednesday, 24 January 2007

"I drink Aloe vera - ask me why"

FLP Aloe Vera - the key to a healthy life and a healthy lifestyle.

Why drink Aloe vera?
It doesn't aste that great.

Why do kids drink it?
Why do adults drink it?
Why give it to your pets?

Because Aloe vera gel is a superb tonic - rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Who do you know with Excema or Psoriasis?
Aloe vera is brilliant for a healthy skin.

Who do you know with IBS or Colitis?
Aloe vera gel helps to maintain a really healthy digestive system.

Who do you know with Arthritis?
Aloe vera gel is a natural anti-inflammatory.

It is also anti-bacterial and a natural pain-killer and is known to support the immune system.

I have some you can try - just send me an email but please keep an orderly queue!


Aloe Vera Fan said...

I also am a fan of Aloe. I drink aloe vera juices from Carrington and will continue to do so until I die. Great blog!

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